About SÖ-Buss

Who are the persons behind SÖ-Buss?
The Öqvist brothers

SÖ-Buss was founded in 1975 by Lars and Gunnel Öqvist. The company’s business has since then been coach traffic. In 1992, we acquired Nykvarns Taxi as a complement to the business. 2009 a generation shift took place in the company and Lars and Gunnel’s sons, Krister, Magnus and Henrik took over the business.

In October 2009, unfortunately, the entire company premises burned down, which forced us as owners to reconsider the concept and the future. This resulted in new nice facilities that are more adapted and optimated to drive the business forward. Nothing bad that does not do any good.

The vision forward now is to further expand the business and offer our services to more people, both businesses and individuals.

Our employees

Krister Öqvist

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Thomas Öndemar

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Magnus Borneland

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